Holiday Season Initiation

Our booth

Close up

Well I did it, I made it through the first show. It has made me nervous for this holiday season though. People weren’t buying nearly as much as last year. I really hope Pacific Arts does better for us. This was a good show to get back into the swing of craft shows.

Last holiday season was our first selling the photos seriously. We got a lot of kinks worked out of our display. My dad was kind enough to help me build a display and print racks to make our booth look professional. I am really pleased with our set up now, and I think it helps a lot.

Now I need to get my act together and revamp some of the framed prints. We need some fresh material in there to get people buying. I have just under two weeks to get our stock built up. Pacific arts is an expensive one to participate in, but they do a good job with advertising, so it draws a pretty good crowd. I have faith that we will sell lots this year.

My needle felted acorns did pretty well. They weren’t flying out the door, but I sold a good handful of them. So that was fun for me. I love having a new project that people actually like. The acorns are just too cute. At these shows its always the items under $5 or $10 that sell the best, so the more little pieces you have the better. Greeting cards are always our top seller.

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