The First Show

Well, I have fallen far behind on the blog thing, I was trying to somewhat keep up with a daily entry, and have failed on that front the last few days. I have been getting ready for my first craft show, and today was the day. We headed into town about 1:30, and started getting everything set up in the church that it is held in. It was just a partial day today, just from 5pm to 8pm. Kind of a warm up day I suppose, but the next couple of days should get going a bit better.

It was fun to pull out all the pictures again, most of them have been packed up since the last holiday season. Our set up has evolved, and it looks pretty nice now. I will have to remember to take a picture. We didn’t sell a whole lot today, but it was a very short day. I have high hopes for the next couple of days.

This evening after the show, my parents and I went shopping, and we got a garland with lights to decorate my display. I need to look more festive. I hope it catches more attention.

There was a booth at the show today for . It’s a group that collects shoeboxes of toys and goods to send to kids all over the world. They are a Christian group, and while I am not personally a Christian, I love the idea of spreading joy through the world. Imagine how much joy a box of toys could bring to a child that has hardly anything in their lives. So I am thinking of putting together a box, and sending it off.

I love being at the craft shows, you get to see everyone’s creative endeavors. Some things are basic and cute, others unique, beautiful, and silly. Most people seem happy as they either sell their wares, or buy them. And is there a better way to shop than supporting locals? So if you have never been to a local holiday craft show, I highly recommend looking one up and trying it out. Some are small, with basic items, and others large with a big variety. I suggest starting out with a larger one to see the spectrum of what people are creating out in the world.

Welcome to the start of the holiday season everyone!


One thought on “The First Show

  1. Our church has just finished doing our Christmas shoeboxes to send off for this year, and it is a great thing and fun to do! Hope you decide to do one! We have a lot of fun picking out stuff to put in the ones we do and then the kids at church wrap them and get them ready to send. I’ve seen a very good video of the sponsers delivering them and the joy you see on those kids faces is priceless for things that kids here would turn up their noses at. Certainly puts our own materialism in perspective a bit. Good luck with your craft shows! I used to try to sell quilted stuff at craft shows but it was too much work for too little money and took the joy out of making stuff for me.

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