Today’s Flowers



Since we don’t have any flowers left in our garden now, I decided to post a picture of a nosegay I made a little over a month ago. It was made from flowers and herbs from my mums garden. It smelled wonderful! Nosegays seem to have shown up in Medieval times, women carried them or wore them in their bodice to mask the unpleasant smells that permeated daily life. Now they are a beautiful little bouquet to enjoy both in sight and smell. I had a little bit of a lemony theme going with Lemon Verbena, and Lemon Thyme. The slight sweet, spicyness of the rose, lavender, and sweet peas went well with the herbs. I wish I could have it on my table right now, bright, cheerful, and aromatic.

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Today's Flowers

8 thoughts on “Today’s Flowers

  1. Lovely little bouquet, I often add lemon Verbena, Lavender and Rose Geranium to my potpourri. The lemon Verbena balances the otherwise a little too strong scent of the other two.
    Sweet Peas are always lovely with roses and herbs.

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