Keeping Things Shook Up

Last night at about 1:15am Bernie and I were sitting here at the computer looking at various blog sites, and I heard a rumble. These days the rumbles are usually the jets coming into the Bellingham airport, we happen to be under the flight pattern. But a moment after the rumble the house took a bit of a bump. Here in northwest Washington, earthquakes that you can feel are few and far in between.

So we started looking around online, and found a website that has updated information on earthquakes around the world, and there is amazing detail on each occurrence. We found our little earthquake and as it happens, the center of it was about exactly a mile from our house. It was a 2.8, 12 miles underground. It was pretty amazing to be able to look that information up, and see the maps that you can see our house on. So that was our excitement last night.



Yesterday my cousin Chelsea and her boyfriend Blaire came over. They came to look at all the creatures, and Chelsea’s goal was to talk Blaire into getting a chinchilla. So I took them upstairs in the barn to Chinchilla zone, and they looked at a few different chins, and found one they like. They both fell in love with him, so now they are out finding cages and supplies and our little guy will have a new home shortly. Blaire works from home, so the little chin will get lots of attention I think. When they come to pick him up I will have to take a picture of the happy little family and post it here.

The other good part of that visit is Blaire fixes cell phones, laptops, and lost more. Bernie has a laptop that has been getting slower and slower as time goes by, and it makes it hard to work on his pictures, each action is painfully slow. So Blaire took the poor little computer and is going to fix it all up for an incredibly great price. YAY! We were pondering getting a new laptop, and hopefully after this is all done, we won’t have to! It’s great to know someone that’s good at that kind of stuff. I think he can talk to the electronics, because he can fix things fast.

Another day of grey weather, in the summer I tend to forget exactly how dark the days can be this time of year. In some ways it’s a very cozy warm feeling, you feel like you are surrounded by a big grey down quilt. The other side of that being, you feel like sleeping all day long. So here I go to try to accomplish something other than sitting around like a lump.


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