Before and After

It amazes me how things can change, and when you are immersed in the middle of it, sometimes it’s a challenge to remember just how much it has. My parents bought this property about 16 years ago, and I found a picture that is probably about 14 years old, or so. Its funny to look at that picture, and then look at the yard now. The trees look like little sticks stuck in the ground. This place was 10 acres of field with 2 trees on it when we bought it. Now the tree population is quite healthy around here. So I thought I would share a before and after picture, and who knows, in another 15 years I might find both of these pictures and laugh again.

Notice we have the same wooden swing, and the same ford explorer, the only difference being, now the explorer is my car not my moms. The trees are so big now, you cant really see the barn. And now there is a pond to the left of the oak tree.




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