A New Purse!

Today was an exciting one for me, I got my new purse! It was a belated birthday present from Bernie. I custom ordered it from Heather (http://textilesbyheather.blogspot.com), and she got it done for todays farmers market. I absolutely love it!! She does an amazing job on her purses, all sorts of really cute designs.


I am proud of my little purse set up, over all it is quite local. I have the purse that Heather made, a wallet made by another local lady, Shelby, and a check book cover that I made. They all have so much more personality than something that you would buy from some mega store.


Not only did I get my new purse today, I had quite the nice social hour at the market. I made my rounds going from booth to booth of the people I know. There are now 4 people I talk to just about every weekend.

Yesterday of course was Halloween, it’s also Bernie’s birthday. We spent part of the day running around town doing little things here and there. We got some pictures printed up to turn into our cards for the holiday markets, and for me to finally get that owl picture done and sent out. So I got that one matted, framed and all packaged up, ready to be sent out into the big world.

Thats the excitement for the last couple of days. I think its another movie night….. time ti get the ice cream and curl up on the couch. I hope you all had a great Halloween!



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