Todays Outing

Today was enjoyed fully in the beautiful fall weather. It was sunny all day, with a few pretty wispy clouds hanging in the sky. We started off the day just hanging around home. Since my parents are out of town, I am the animal caretaker. So I did a few chores in the creature realm. I have a rooster with an infected eye that I am trying to clear up, poor little guy.

Around noon we headed out for an adventure. We went to Boulevard Park, an enjoyable park on the water front. There is usually some birds down there for Bernie to take pictures of, and right now the fall colors make a nice backdrop. We spent the whole afternoon there. There are a couple of pier type board walks that run along the shoreline. It is always an interesting perspective walking along them.



Then we sat for a little while in the heart of the park, and watched people and wildlife. There was a small group of people tossing around a Frisbee, and a guy practicing his balance on a line strung between two trees. He was pretty talented, great balance. Later we saw a couple of girls on their own balance line. I love to people watch, and I admit eavesdrop on their conversations once and a while. It gives me perspective on the world, the things that people are interested in and concerned with. Sometimes it makes me laugh, we humans are interesting creatures.


To stretch our legs we walked down the path, that seems to be the old railroad bed. Its a pretty nice trail. There are all sorts of trees hanging over it, creating a nice little tunnel along certain stretches. The light was beautiful filtering through the multi colored leafs. We both got some nice shots along this area. Bernie has been trying out people shots along with his wildlife photography. He got a nice one today of a young lady running down the path, it looks like she is running into a painting, the colors are beautiful.



It was quite a nice day over all. It felt good to get out of the house, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The fall weather is bringing in a slight chill to the air, but at the same time its crisp and refreshing. Tonight is another movie night, we didn’t get around to Sweeney Todd last night, so its on tonight’s list.  I’m excited, I know its going to be a morbid movie, but I love Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp. I’m off into movie land! Have a great week everyone!


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