Another week rolls by….

It never ceases to amaze me how fast the weeks go by. I could swear it has only been a couple of days since last weekend. Then I start to question what I have accomplished. This week was not one of high activity, but I did get some things done.

Unfortunately I did not get started on the whole picture project, I do have some time to get it done, but I am going to try not to fall into my typical pattern of procrastination. Its always easy once I get started, its just that whole getting started thing.

Bernie got a beautiful shot of a pileated woodpecker today; he has it on his blog already. It has the most beautiful fall colors in the background. They are such majestic birds. I think it will be a good seller at the upcoming shows. I am starting to get excited about the shows. I am starting to think about what cards we need to print up, and we have a new card rack that will be a nice addition to our booth set up. In certain ways I wish I was doing another show or two, but these two shows will keep me plenty busy. The first one is just for one weekend, but the next one is a four weekend event, Fri. Sat. and Sun. each weekend. Its my version of a winter job.

Today I dropped my parents off at the airport, they flew into Las Vegas. They are going for a shipping container convention. I know, sounds pretty exciting right? Mom just started a new job at a place that sells and rents those big shipping containers that cargo is shipped across the oceans with. There are some interesting things going on with them. Some people are building houses out of them. Since my dad is a carpenter he is going with to see if it would be a feasible income earning endeavor to do housing and such with these containers. It will be interesting to hear what they learn at this convention. They get back on Wednesday, so they get a nice little vacation.

We spent the weekend getting the bark/scrap pile from the sawmill burned up, there is a little bit smoldering still, but its pretty much all gone. It’s a nice feeling to get things cleaned up. And that means the next step is using some of that fresh lumber to do the siding on a pole building that my dad built not too long ago. That will be good to get that finished off also, and it will be fun to use some of that lumber. So maybe we will get to start on that project later this week.

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, so the plan is to go on a walk. It will be nice to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and perhaps get some good pictures also. I really haven’t been out walking much, and I can sure feel it in my body. It will be really nice to get out there and walk/hike a little bit. Clear out the system a little bit.

Alright, its movie night. I am off to watch something, not sure what the selection is yet. But I do know that we just got Sweeney Todd from Netflix today….. that should be a good selection to watch this close to Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Another week rolls by….

  1. I have worked with a pastor in the central African country of Malawi since 2001, and yes, those shipping containers are used for housing, particularly in Third World countries. Not in his particular area–Malawi is landlocked, and he lives in a very rural with no electricity or running water and the mail only comes once a week, to a local school and everyone goes there to pick it up. He goes by bicycle.

    I think any time we can find ways to reuse “disposable” things, it’s going to benefit more than just us in our own little niche of the world. I read Braille, and subscribe to several magazines that the Library of Congress produces in Braille. I hated throwing them away–they’re expensive to produce. So now, I send them to this pastor, and something like twenty people use them instead of just me.

  2. The braille magazines are a great example of something to recycle. I think there are things we use every day that we just might not think of recycling. We assume because we are done with them, the world is done with them. I guess a good number of these shipping containers are built in China, used once to go across the ocean, and then sold. They build brand new ones every time they want to ship something. Now I am sure there are some companies that are not this wasteful, but even if just one shipping company does this every time, that is a LOT of containers. Thankfully they have found a second life as storage, but I think it is great that the uses for them have been expanding.

    If everyone just spent a couple minutes thinking about what they might be able to recycle, or buy something used, we can each make a little difference in the big picture. Some cultures make sure to use every little resource that they have available to them, shouldn’t we?

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