Crafting Season

I have entered into my crafting season. I am slowly getting ready for the craft shows coming up. I have quite a ways to go, but the process has started. A friend of Bernie’s sister has just ordered a print from us, matted and framed (pictured below), which is good motivation for me to go drag out my matting/framing stuff. Its currently all buried in the attic. It will be good to pull everything out to see what I already have, and what I need.


Then I have been working on my stained glass a little bit. I made 2 snowflakes so far. I need to get many more going, but it’s a start. One of them isn’t my favorite design, but the other one is cute. And one thing I have learned about selling items, everyone likes something different, so sometimes its good to have things that aren’t on the top of your list, because they will be spectacular to someone else.

I have been playing around with the needle felting, and got a little project almost finished, I just need some ribbon to get it done. Its felted acorns, with a felted oak leaf. I am going to attach it to ribbon so that it could be used on a package, or anything else you could dream up. In my quest to be inspired in needle felting I have been looking at other peoples sites, and there are some very creative people out there!


Alright, I am getting emotionally ready for the crafting season. It’s always a lot of work for me at first, but once I get into the flow of it, it’s pretty fun. And its always fun trying new things. The other aspect of crafting season is, I make most of my Christmas presents. So I need to start figuring out what to make for each person on my list. Its much easier if I start now on that stuff, than waiting until half way through December. Well if any of you are crafters, or getting ready for holiday shows, I wish you all the best of luck in that journey!


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