Late night update

Today was an enjoyable one. Bernie headed out this morning to go to Semiahmoo Spit, and he ended up getting some nice shots today. Keep an eye on his blog for some of those to pop up. There are some fun ones of a grebe eating a fish that does not look like it would fit.

I went to work, and had an enjoyable time out in the sunshine. I did some cutting back in one of the mint beds, and then watered one of the beds while weeding. My mom was in the neighborhood, so she stopped by to see where I have been working. She got an enthusiastic greeting from Christies dogs, and then I gave her the tour.

My new thing in the last couple of days has been playing around with needle felting. I did a couple of little pumpkins the other day, and then started another little project this evening. I will post pictures when I get a little farther. I find it very interesting, and highly entertaining. Christies daughter Jessica does these extremely adorable felted fairies, and witches (for Halloween). Very creative and talented!

I finally got my mint chocolate chip ice cream made. I have been meaning to do it for a couple of weeks now. I used mint from Christies garden, and local cream and milk. It was very yummy. The mint flavor was wonderful. And homemade icecream has so much more flavor, and creamyness.

So, nothing huge happened today, but it was an enjoyable day of simple pleasures. And now I am off to bed to enjoy dream land.


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