Keeping Busy

The weather yesterday and today has been beautiful! There is not a cloud in sight outside right now. I am getting ready to go to work right now. The nice thing is, I get to work outside and enjoy the sun. Bernie is going to go take pictures hopefully, it’s a great day to get some wildlife shots.

On Monday Bernie and I went for a very short walk, through the fragrance garden at Tennant Lake. We had intended to go on the board walk there, but it was shut down for hunting season. Bern did get a decent picture of me in the garden.


Yesterday before I headed into work, I got the chickens nest boxes cleaned out. The chickens are my favorite creatures here on the farm. We have around 100 banty chickens, and they are too cute! They make me laugh all the time. So much personality in a small package. They are all pretty friendly, especially when it is feeding time. We recently had a batch of chicks hatch in the incubator. You can never have enough. The problem right now though, is the girls seem to be hiding their eggs somewhere. I was hoping with a clean nest box they might move back home with the egg laying operation. When they are laying where they are supposed to be, we get a good amount of eggs, which is so nice. Our chickens are the true definition of free range, they have absolutely no fences to keep them in. There is a short fence around their house to keep dogs and such out, but it doesn’t slow down the chickens, and they roam all over our 10acres, and often onto the neighbors land also.


Yesterday the two Piliated Woodpeckers came to our suet feeders, boy they are big birds! Bernie got a couple fun shots of them, I am putting one on here, but if you want to see more, he has them on his blog.



Alright, I am off for now. More later…..


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