This is Me……

Well, how does one start a first entry in blog about daily life? I could write a long involved history of who I am, and where I have come from. Or I can simply tell you that I live life the way I want. I am an explorer, a dreamer, an artist, and so much more. My life is blessed in so many ways, and different than so many others.

I am 26 years old, and I have quite a list of wonderful adventures already under my belt. I have done quite a bit of long distance hiking, traveling to beautiful places, living in wild spaces. I have been with my boyfriend Bernie for 6 years now, and we travel all over together. He is one of the main inspirations in my life for living alternatively. My parents were a huge influence in my life also, they always encouraged me to follow my dreams, and do what called me.

Currently we are living on my parents property for the winter. This is the place that I grew up, and I affectionately call it the zoo. We have quite the collection of animals out here, one of my favorites being the banty chickens. As time goes on I am sure I will talk about all the different creatures that share our space.

Bernie does wildlife photography, and we sell cards and prints sometimes at the holiday craft shows, and other shows. Its something that we can do in between our adventures. He does a wonderful job with the photography, and then I custom mat the pieces. We always get great feedback on the photography. I will share some of his photography on here, and some of mine. I will also have the link to his blog that he has just started with his photography.

We are all signed up for a couple of holiday shows in Bellingham, I will write more about those as we get ready for them. I enjoy doing them for all the different people I get to meet. I love people that are following their dreams and selling their crafts.

I am actually working part time for a friend that I met at one such craft show. Christie owns Birchwood Botanicals, and makes herbal body care and other products. She makes WONDERFUL products, and is a great person. I am working part time helping to put her gardens to bed for the winter. I love being out in the dirt with the plants.

Well that’s a very general overview of where I am right now, with each entry more details will emerge, and the story will become more complete. I look forward to sharing with anyone that is interested in my perspective on this game called life.

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